Participation & Songs

  • Any player choose his country which he wants to represent
  • 1 player plays for 1 country, 1 country should be represnted by 1 player only
  • The song should be from the country that the player has chosen
  • The song should be at least 10 months old
  • The singer/s should be a resident/s of the chosen country.
  • Microcountries can choose songs from the countries they have strong relations with (For example Monaco-France,San Marino-Italy)
  • Entries can be made public before the deadline

The voting

  • Players submit their votes for each group awarding 3;2;1;0 points.
  • 2-4 (depends of the general quantity of players) entries with the biggest amount of points advance to the Knock-out stage.
  • In the group phase players can't vote for the entries in their own group.

FSC World Cup editionsEdit

Copa AmericaEdit

Copa America is a side contest of the World Cup spin-off.

  • The song must be at least 10 months old
  • The song should've never taken part in FSC previously