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FSC Portugal
Portugal Flag
Number of jurors 1 (JSSArcos)
Appearances 23 (with the jury JSSArcos)
Debut FSC #03
Best result 1st (FSC#53 and FSC#102 )
Worst result 41st (Last) / with jury JSSArcos 35st
Portugal  officially the Portuguese Republic (Portuguese: República Portuguesa )  is a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, being bordered to the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and east by Spain. The Portugal–Spain border is 1,214 kilometres (754 miles) long, making it the longest uninterrupted border within the European Union. The republic also includes the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, both autonomous regions with their own regional governments.

FSC Portugal Timeline Edit

Portugal has participated in the FSC since FSC # 03, which took place in May 2009. After several participations 40 times (with some entries and exits), he retired to FSC # 83, January 2016, but now returns to FSC # 99 Now with the jury (JSSArcos).It's another jury joins Portugal (Dark) and FSC#110 joins Edward.In edition #115 Edward left the portuguese jury.

Portugal FSC Entries Edit

Edição FSC Artist Song Participating countries Final position Points Selection Method 
FSC # 99 Mastiksoul ft. Mariza Livre 37 5 Place 99 Internal selection

Amor Electro

Mar Salgado 37

8 Place

67 Internal selection
FSC#101 Agir & Ana Moura Manto de água 33 25 Place 38 Internal selection
FSC#102 Kika Colorblind 31 1 Place 117 Internal selection
FSC#103 Blind zero You Have Won 34 18 Place 40 Internal selection
FSC#104 Amor Eletro ft. Pité Sei 33 21 Place 55 Song Festival
FSC#105 April Ivy Run For Cover 33 13 Place 58 Song Festival
FSC#106 Quatro e Meia Sentir o Sol 32 16 Place 49 Song Festival
FSC#107 BrunuhVille Meaning of Life 35 13 Place 64 Song Festival
FSC#108 Fernando Daniel Espera 34

3 Place


Internal selection
FSC#109 Alexander Search A day of sun 31 19 Place 52 Song Festival
FSC#110 Aurea Done With You 32 22 Place 41 Song Festival
FSC#111 The Code Fly Higher 34 8 Place 89 Song Festival
FSC#112 Marco Rodrigues O Tempo 37 25 Place 39 Internal Selection
FSC#113 Ella Nor Bang 37 16 Place 56 Song Festival
FSC#114 Beatriz Pessoa Everyday Fights 38 35 Place 26 Song Festival
FSC#115 ARY If You Never Try You'll Never Know 40 15 Place 72 Song Festival
FSC#116 Karetus x Bárbara Bandeira x Yuzi One Nation 39 7 Place 71 Internal Selection
FSC#117 Mariza Quem Me Dera 36 10 Place 84 Internal Selection
FSC#118 Fernando Daniel Voltas 35 19 Place 52 Internal Selection
FSC#119 The Black Mamba Belive 35 13 Place 63 Internal Selection
FSC#120 Luis Sequeira Se ao menos eu te odiasse 35 12 Place 78 Internal Selection
FSC#121 Stereossauro feat. Camané Flor de Maracujá 35 5 Place 86 Internal Selection

Average Placing = 270/18 = 15 / Averange Points = 1074/18 = 59,67