FSC Belgium
Belgium Flag
Number of jurors 2
Appearances 38
Debut FSC #01
Best result 1 FSC #02,FSC #18 and FSC #33
Worst result 36 FSC #31

FSC Belgium timelineEdit

Belgium is one of the oldies in FSC.

It participated in the first edition of FSC with Andy Sierens with Mijn Leven. It wasn't a success but Belgium continued to search for good songs.

In FSC 2 the dance formation Lasgo participated with the song Gone. After a really thrilling voting Lasgo won!

So FSC 3 was held in Brussels. Belgium sent another famous dance formation Sylver with the song I hate you know. 9th place was the result.

In FSC 4 which was hosted in the UK, Belgium decided to sent a pop/dance song which was also popular in the USA. Anna Grace with Let the feelings go didn't disappoint and became 7th.

For FSC 5 Belgium wanted to sent a DJ. They decided to choose DJ Rebel with U got to know. But it wasn't a succes and became only 17th out of 24.

For FSC 6 Belgium went back to the good old days and sent the best dance formation of Belgium: Milk Inc with the famous song Blackout. It became 7th with 69 points.

Due to some problems Belgium failed to participate in FSC 7,8 and 9.

But in FSC 10 it came back with something totally different. It sent Absynthe Minded with Envoi. In Belgium it was a great hit but Europe did not liked it. It became 19th out of 23 with 23 points.

Due to this disappointing result Belgium decided not to participate in FSC 11.

In FSC 12 they came back and decided to sent another alternative participant. Das Pop with Never get enough reached the 9th place with 69 points.

For FSC 13 Belgium sent for the second time Milk Inc. This time with the song: Storm. In comparison to Blackout it didn't reach a high place. It became 11th with 57 points.

In FSC 14 they sent a song that was not very well known: Wildboyz with The sound of missing you. But Europe liked it and gave it an 8th place with 64 points.

For FSC 15 Belgium sent a unknown man Peter Luts with The rain. Europe didn't liked the song and give it a 16th place with 46 points.

In the current edition FSC 16 Belgium tried another dance song: Danzel with Under arrest. Danzel is known in Belgium,Netherlands and Poland. But his song didn't impress Europe. It became 22nd with 33 points, so this is the worst results for Belgium in FSC-history.

For FSC 17 Belgium will sent a known artist, who had already a great song in whole Europe. It was Stromae with Te Quiero. They didn't do it bad. They ended 19th with 43 points.

As FSC 18 was approaching lots of fans told Belgium to sent Tom Dice. So we listened and did so. Toms song was Always and Forever. After a voting where a lot of countries stand at the top and only after the last jury Belgium took the victory. With 128 points it's the best score ever for a Belgian entry. That record stands until Gotye won with 148 points.

So FSC 19 will be held in Belgium. The song they will sent will be a late summer song but I really love it.

Between FSC 20 and 29 we had some difficult times, with only reaching the top 10 once. Our best result was the 7th place with the Idool 2011 finalists and More to me.

From FSC 30 to 39 we had our best and worst result so far. In FSC 31 the Belgian Deejays United only reached a 36th place. But in FSC 33 we had our 3rd victory with Gotye and Somebody that I used to know.

The FSC 40's started well with a 6th place for Silke Mastbooms and her Awake. Leki couldn't reach that place and ended middle in the pack on a 25th place.

FSC Belgium entriesEdit

FSC Edition Artist Song Place Points
FSC 01 Andy Sierens Mijn Leven 17 26
FSC 02 Lasgo Gone 1 94
FSC 03 Sylver I hate you know 9 64
FSC 04 Anna Grace Let the feelings go 7 74
FSC 05 DJ Rebel U got to know 17 34
FSC 06 Milk Inc Blackout 7 69
FSC 10 Absynthe Minded Envoi 19 23
FSC 12 Das Pop Never get enough 9 69
FSC 13 Milk Inc The storm 11 57
FSC 14 Wildboyz The sound of missing you 8 64
FSC 15 Peter Luts The rain 16 46
FSC 16 Danzel Under arrest 22 33
FSC 17 Stromae Te quiero 19 43
FSC 18 Tom Dice Always and forever 1 128
FSC 19 Robert Abigail & DJ Rebel Meneando 20 37
FSC 20 Regi ft Kesha Take it off 17 49
FSC 21 Andes Een dag meer 19 33
FSC 22 Suarez L'indécideur 25 28
FSC 23 Peter Luts Can't fight this feeling 16 48
FSC 24 Stromae House'llelujah 20 42
FSC 25 Ozark Henry This One's For You 22 35
FSC 26 Selah Sue This World 17 42
FSC 27 Idool 2011 Finalisten More To Me 7 97
FSC 28 Hooverphonic Anger Never Dies 19 49
FSC 29 Suarez L'ombre 29 27
FSC 30 B-A-B-E Ietsie Bietsie Boe 13 68
FSC 31 Belgian Deejays United Let's Stay Together 36 6
FSC 32 Arsenal Melvin 22 46
FSC 33 Gotye (ft. Kimbra) Somebody That I Used To Know 1 148
FSC 34 Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Seven Cry Baby 4 119
FSC 35 Arid The High Life 32 24
FSC 36 Milow She Might She Might 16 31
FSC 37 Intergalactic Lovers Shewolf 21 46
FSC 38 Nelson Let Me Be Myself 20 53
FSC 39 dEUS Ghost 22 52
FSC 40 Silke Mastbooms Awake 6 91
FSC 41 Leki Get over 25 38
FSC 42 Amaryllis Temmerman Miljoenen dingen 13 54