Albania Flag
Number of jurors 1
Appearances 11
Debut FSC #01
Best result 3
Worst result 30

Albania is a country located in the South Eastern Europe,in the Western part of the Balkans Peninsula.It has around 4 million inhabitants in a area of 28'000 square kilometers.Albania's capital is Tirana,a city with 1.200.000 inhabitants,one of the biggest cities in the Balkans.

Albania is rich of culture and history and it has a great tradition in different music genres.Albania has rich mediterranean folk music.To mention is the Isopolyphony of the southern Albania that is a world cultural heritage protectet by UNESCO.
Today's Albanian music is getting more and more similar with the music of the western Europe with much of new talented singers who mostly sing Pop and Rock.
Albania hosted the first FSC World Cup in August 2010.

FSC Albania timelineEdit

Albania has participated 11 times in esctoday's Forum Song Contest,with its best placement 3rd and worst placement 30th.

FSC Albania entriesEdit

Albania participated in FSC 01,after this one Albania withdrew and came back in FSC 07,08,09,10,11 and after FSC 11,the Albanian juror withdrew from the contest.
Albania came back in the FSC,five editions later with a new juror,with FSC 16 being Albania's 7th time participating.Since then Albania has participated in all FSC Editions.

FSC Edition Performer Song Place Points
#01 Soni Malaj "Shpirti im Binjak" 9 42
#07 Besa Kokëdhima "Versus" 3 104
#08 Alban Skënderaj "This is your day" 22 21
#09 Elvana Gjata "Turn U on" 14 54
#10 Ilir "Confession" 10 53
#11 Era Rusi "Ikën dhe vjen" 8 57
#16 Miriam Cani "Mos më ndal" 18 52
#17 Aurela Gaçe ft.Dr Flori&Marsel "Origjinale" 30 23
#18 Elvana Gjata "A ke ti zemër?" 23


#19 Argjentina Ramosaj "Shpirt i Mbytur" 12 50


Albania is a country with only one juror:"KristiG"

Points given from Albania(since FSC 16):

# Country Points
1. Ukraine 28
2. Croatia 22
3. Denmark 19
4. Australia 18
5. Austria 15