Forum Song Contest #96
Host No Stavanger, Norway
Date February 2017
Entries 29
Winner No Norway
Debuting countries None
Returning countries Br Brazil
Us United States
Withdrawing countries Ie Ireland
My Malaysia
Mx Mexico

Ma Morocco

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Following Norway's victory in FSC 95 with Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør’s song ‘Never Ever’, our host city for this edition of FSC is Stavanger, Norway’s 4th largest city and the ‘Oil-capital’ of the country.

The main theme for this FSC-edition is: ‘Northern Magic: Welcome to Norway’.

This edition sees a reduction in participants to 29, due to the withdrawal of Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico and Morocco. We do however have 2 returning countries, namely Brazil and the United States of America.

During the results show, Russia came close to victory, but finally finished in 2nd position, with Norway emerging as the winner for the second time in a row, and giving Norway it's seventh gold medal. Finland came in third.

The Host City Edit

The Host city for this FSC 96-edition is Stavanger, Norway’s 4th largest city and the Oil-capital of the country. It is the 3rd largest urban zone and metropolitan area in Norway, with a population of 240.000. It is the administrative centre of Rogaland county. Located on the Stavanger Peninsula in South-western Norway, Stavanger counts its official founding year as the year 1125.

The city's history, is a continuous alternation, between economic booms and recessions. For long  periods of time, its most important industries, have been shipping , shipbuilding , the fish canning  industry and associated subcontractors. In 1969, a new boom started, as oil was first discovered in the North Sea and the city became on-shore center for the oil industry on the Norwegian sector.

Stavanger's core is to a large degree 18th- and 19th-century wooden houses (“Old town”) that are  protected and considered part of the city's cultural heritage. This has caused the town centre and  inner city to retain a small-town character , with an unusually high ratio of detached houses , and  has contributed significantly to spreading the city's population growth to outlying regional parts.


The Venue Edit

Our venue for FSC February 2017 is Stavanger Konserthus, or Stavanger Concert Hall , a concert hall in Stavanger , Norway . It was officially opened by the Crown Prince Haakon on 15th September 2012 . The financing of the building , was shared by the municipality of Stavanger, the county of Rogaland, the Norwegian government and private sponsors at a cost of 1.225 billion Norwegian kroner (Nkr) .The concert hall, has two separate halls , an orchestra hall (1500 seats) & a multi-purpose hall (1700 seats) with excellent acoustics, great foyer areas out to the seaside and a large outdoor amphitheater. Its architecture means that it's possible to have a symphonyconcert in one hall (F. Valen orchestra hall) and a rock concert in the other (Zetlitz multi-purpose hall) at the same time . The larger hall can be used for a great many purposes from rock to opera, and may be rigged as an amphitheatre, an arena, or just a flat floor suitable for a banquet or standing audience.


The Hosts Edit


Our lovely hosts for this edition are Espen Lind and Ina Wroldsen.

Espen Lind (born 1971) is a well known Norwegian record producer, songwriter, pop-singer, and  multi-instrumentalist . He is one half of the production team ‘Espionage’. Espen is also a mentor  on the Norwegian version of ‘ The Voice ’. He started his pop-career under the artist name Sway  and his biggest success in that period was his single “When Susannah Cries” . Later he released  albums under his own name and had popular songs like “Where The Lost Ones Go” (with Sissel)  “Unloved” ( 2004 ) and “Scared of Heights” ( 2008 ). In 2009 he revceived a Norwegian Grammy.  Since then he has continued writing / producing songs for other artists as well as taking part in  some tv-shows / productions . He currently lives in New York in the US and keeps writing music.


Ina Wroldsen (born 1984) is a well known Norwegian singer/songwriter famous too as one half  of the Scandinavian Electro-pop duo Ask Embla. Her career started solely as an artist, but soon  turned to writing music for others. As a songwriter, she has had great success and today she is  internationally considered one of the most sought after in her field . She has won many awards  for her work . With Ask Embla she also enjoyed success with many popular songs, among them  “Father’s Eyes”, “Legion”, & “Lay It On Me” . She has rejuvenated her solo career , in recent years  and has released several singles . Ina has in the last year , also made her mark as a judge in the  Norwegian version of “Idol”.She has lived in London UK for several years but is often in Norway.

The Show Edit

Nr. Jury Artist Song Rank Points
01. Hu Hungary Caramel Elzárt övezet 04. 81
02. Gb United Kingdom Ward Thomas Carry you home 08. 74
03. Dk Denmark Christopher Heartbeat 17. 57
04. No Norway Alan Walker ft. Noonie Bao Alone 01. 113
05. Pl Poland XXANAXX feat. TEN TYP MES Nie znajdziesz mnie 18. 53
06. Us United States Julia Michaels Issues 10. 69
07. Il Israel Eden Ben Zaken Ta'amin Li (Believe me) 19. 50
08. Lv Latvia Katrina Bindere Tev Lidzas 05. 76
09. Bg Bulgaria Desislava I na vsichki kato tebe 12. 68
10. Ro Romania Alexandra Usurelu Suflet, ramai pur 23. 26
11. Ph Philippines Top One Project Sa'n Na 22. 29
12. Za South Africa Jaco Losgelaat Verlang jy? 28. 12
13. De Germany Faun ft. Wardruna Odin 21. 36
14. Id Indonesia Randy Pandugo I don't care 26. 22
15. Nl Netherlands Janieck Feel the love 16. 58
16. Br Brazil Francinne ft. Empire I Meninas querem diversão 29.* 34
17. It Italy Tiziano Ferro ft. Carmen Consoli Il Conforto 14. 64
18. Tw Taiwan JJ Lin Infinity and beyond 27. 21
19. Ua Ukraine Bloom Twins Set us free 25. 22
20. Au Australia Amy Shark Adore 15. 61
21. Hr Croatia The Blondes Paralelni svijet 13. 65
22. Es Spain Diana Navarro El perdón 11. 68
23. Fi Finland Sunrise Avenue Prisoner in paradise 03. 85
24. Se Sweden Sanna Nielsen Dansar bort med någon annan 09. 70
25. Ru Russia Sergey Lazarev Idealny Mir 02. 96
26. Tr Turkey Derya Ulug Okyanus 20. 41
27. Rs Serbia Milica Pavlovic Baja papaja 24. 23
28. Jp Japan Perfume Flash 06. 75
29. Ee Estonia Mick Pedaja Arm & Hirm 07. 75

* Brazil failed to vote and was moved to the bottom of the scoreboard while retaining its score.

The Results Edit



The Winner Edit

Alan Walker feat. Noonie Bao - Alone:

Alan Walker - Alone

Alan Walker - Alone

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