Forum Song Contest #61
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Host Nl Theater aan het Vrijthof
Maastricht, Netherlands
Date March 2, 2014
Entries 38
Winner Gb United Kingdom
Debuting countries none
Returning countries Fr France
Pt Portugal
Withdrawing countries Ca Canada

Lu Luxembourg
Kr South Korea

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March 2014 sees the 61st edition of FSC. It's held in Maastricht, The Netherlands after Diesel Disko ft. Stefany June  won the 60th edition of FSC with a song called "Moonlight".

38 juries participate in this edition. France and Portugal returned to the stage, while Canada didn't send an entry. There were no complete newcomers.

The Host city Edit

The Host city for this FSC-edition is: Maastricht , a city and a municipality in the South-East of The Netherlands. It is the capital city (population of around 125.000) in the province of Limburg. Maastricht is located on both sides of the Meuse river (Dutch:Maas), at the point where the Jeker River (French: Geer), a left bank tributary, joins it.The city literally gets its name from a bridge built by the Romans (a Roman settlement) during the reign, of Augustus Caesar (Maastricht = Mosae Trajectum = crossing at the Meuse). It is said to be the oldest city in The Netherlands - and is close to the Belgian and German borders. The city’s culture is influenced by both of its national neighbours.

Maastricht16 zps7da58dc8

The city has gone through stages of development through the years, from settlements to a religious centre, a garrison city and an early industrial city. Nowadays, it is known as a city of especially culture (including local folklore) and education. Maastricht's rich history shows from the actual fact that it has no less than 1677 national heritage sites. In recent years Maastricht has become well known, by way of the 'Maastricht Treaty',as the birthplace of the European Union, European citizenship, and the single Europeancurrency, the Euro.

The city is popular , with tourists for shopping and recreation, and has a large, growing international student population, at the University of Maastricht.Maastricht is known for its picturesque squares, romantic streets, & historical buildings.The tourist information office is located in the Dinghuis, a 15th century former town hall& law courts building, on the corner of Grote Staat & Kleine Staat. Main city sights include: City Fortifications , Binnenstad (an inner-city shopping district), & Vrijthof square.

Maastricht21 zpsa4dc93f2

Other main sights : ‘Onze Lieve Vrouweplein’ (a tree-lined square, with an abundance of pavement cafes), the ‘Basilica of Our Lady’ (an 11th century church), the ‘St. Martinus’ (a church built in 1858) , ‘Markt’ (the Market Square), ‘The Town Hall’ (built in the 17thcentury) & ‘Bassin’ (a restored early 19th-century inner harbour with restaurants/cafes). Museums of note in Maastricht are: ‘Bonnefanten Museum’ (museum for old masters andcontemporary fine art in Limburg), ‘Museum aan het Vrijthof’ (the local history museum),‘The Treasury of the Basilica of Saint Servatius’ (has religious artifacts from the 4–20thcenturies), and the ‘Natural History Museum’ (with its exciting and elaborate collections).

Maastricht is also a city of sports. In football , Maastricht is represented by ‘MVV Maastricht’ , currently playing in the Dutch 1st division, the 2nd league, after the Eredivisieleague. MVV's home is the Geusselt stadium. Maastricht is also home to the Maastricht Wildcats, an American Football League team, and member of the AFBN governing body. The city also hosts many events & festivals, among them: ‘The European Fine Art Fair’,‘Amstel Gold Race’ (international cycling race), ‘Carnival’ (a traditional 3-day festival inthe southern part of The Netherlands), ‘KunstTour’ (an annual art festival), ‘Jazz Maastricht’ (a jazz festival) and ‘Inkom’ (opening for new students of Maastricht University) .Maastricht has an active nightlife and an abundance of bars , pubs, cafes and restaur-ants. Starting at the Vrijthof square, there is much to explore , but also outside of the city centre every neighbourhood (over 40 in the city) has its own bars, a bit more quiet & often preferred by the locals. There are discos & nightclubs as well for all the visitors.

Maastricht24 zps739ce5de

The Venue Edit

The Host venue for FSC March 2014 , is : the Theater aan het Vrijthof (Vrijthof Theatre), a large, historic multifunctional building in Maastricht that functions both as a concert hall and as a theatre. It is the main 'performance venue' in the city. Situated on the 'Vrijthof Square' in the city center, the theatre - which is the home to the Limburg Symphony Orchestra - schedules hundreds of performances each year, including classical, jazz, opera, world music, dance, theater, cabaret, musicals and more.

Maastricht13 zpsa8a481e9

Theater aan het Vrijthof also organizes performances at the Sint Janskerk , Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek , Keizerzaal and Cellebroederskapel. Most performances at the Theateraan het Vrijthof take place in the Papyrus Hall , the large auditorium in the new part of the building. There is also a smaller auditorium which caters for more intimate concerts. This prestigious theatre in the center of Maastricht was officially opened in March 1992.

Maastricht12 zps2bd55c8e

The Hosts Edit

Our lovely Hosts this evening are: André Rieu and Angela Schijf.

Maastricht14 zps61e0b28e
André Rieu (full name Andre Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu) [born 1st October 1949, in Maast-richt, The Netherlands] is a famous, & a little unconventional, Dutch violinist and cond-uctor best known for creating the waltz-playing Johann Strauss Orchestra (which perf-orms with between 80 and 150 musicians) . André Rieu & the Johann Strauss Orchestra have turned classical and waltz music into a 'worldwide concert touring music act' , as successful as some of the biggest global pop and rock music acts. André Rieu has received several national honours & awards, including 'The Order of the Netherlands Lion'.

Maastricht15 zps8a3cff20

Angela Schijf [born 7th August 1979] , is a Dutch actress, who, became famous actingin the Dutch tv-soap series ‘Good times, Bad times’ (orig. ‘Goede tijden, slechte tijden’)[1996-1999]. She has some experience from the musical theater , having taken part inseveral stage productions. She has since played leading roles in several films, including‘Daylight’ , ‘The Turncoat’ , and ‘Godforsaken’ to name a few . Since 2007 she has hada leading role in the very popular Dutch tv police-series ‘Cops Maastricht’ (orig. ‘FlikkenMaastricht’), an exciting tv-series centered around a detective duo, set in Maastricht.

The Show Edit

Draw FSC jury Performer Song Place Points
01 Gr Greece Kostas Martakis An Kapou Kapote 10 72
02 Pt Portugal David Fonseca It Means I Love You 24 44
03 Mx Mexico Karenka Aqui Voj 21 49
04 Ph The Philippines KZ Tandingan Love Love Love 37 10
05 Us United States Man Man Head On (Hold On To Your Heart) 7 90
06 Mt Malta Freddie Calls The Watcher 20 49
07 Be Belgium Hooverphonic Amalfi 9 72
08 Id Indonesia Krisdayanti Ratu Pinta 27 36
09 Hr Croatia L.I.P.E. Zorja, Moja Zorja 3 126
10 Za South Africa Gangs of Ballet Don't Let Me Go 22 46
11 Nl The Netherlands Caro Emerald Liquid Lunch 2 128
12 De Germany Revolverheld Ich Lass Für Dich Das Licht An 14 63
13 Cz Czech Republic IYES 'Til Infinity 6 93
14 Es Spain Lurte Netu 19 51
15 Br Brazil Andreia Dias Luva Pele 34 12
16 By Belarus Alyona Lanskaya Speak 25 36
17 No Norway Donkeyboy Triggerfinger 8 80
18 Ua Ukraine Go-A ft. Volodymyr Sholokhov Tanula 13 64
19 At Austria Julian le Play Mein Anker 4 112
20 Gb United Kingdom Katy B Crying For No Reason 1 177
21 Il Israel Harel Skaat Boom! 11 72
22 Fr France Amel Bent Sans Toi 23 45
23 Rs Serbia Ana Purcin I Can't 31 17
24 Hu Hungary Dora Danics Uj Ut 33 15
25 Ro Romania Whisperblast No Regrets 35 12
26 Tw Taiwan Tiger Anson Hu You Pay Or I Pay 32 16
27 Mk Macedonia Sarah Mace Vrne, Vrne 38 0 (21)*
28 Si Slovenia Bohem Moje 28 33
29 Ee Estonia Getter Jaani & Maia Vahtramäe Meelelahutajad 5 107
30 Cy Cyprus Stefanos Dimosthenous Gia Sena Mono 17 58
31 Ch Switzerland Ekat Bork The World Is Dancing 18 54
32 Tr Turkey Emre Aydin Eylül 16 59
33 Ie Ireland Harry Rambles Little Secret 30 22
34 Ru Russia Grigoriy Leps ft. Ani Lorak Zerkala (Mirrors) 15 62
35 Fi Finland Satin Circus If You Love Me 29 29
36 Al Albania Miriam Cani Labyrinth 26 36
37 Se Sweden Elin Överfjord Nu 12 67
38 Bg Bulgaria Maria Ilieva Igraya Stilno 36 11

The Results Edit



The Winner Edit

Katy B - Crying For No Reason:

Katy B - Crying for No Reason

Katy B - Crying for No Reason

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